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Our Products

Says Jason, “We craft beautiful products—from fabric and lighting to rugs, table linens, dog beds, and more—that are based on our original sketches, paintings, and drawings that really capture the idea of ‘special.’ Our team scours the world for inspiration that allows our consumers to bring the adventure home. In this technology-driven, impersonal world, the Madcap Cottage creations are timeless, unique, and have just the right amount of surprise and delight. And because every product is based upon watercolor sketches, everything in the Madcap Cottage range feels handmade and personal.”


Entertaining with Madcap Cottage

Bring home a piece of Madcap Cottage with our branded merchandise—from cocktail napkins and trays to ice buckets. Sadly, gin is not included with your purchase. The perfect host and hostess gifts.

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Madcap Cottage Book

Embrace the witty charms of “Prints Charming: Create Absolutely Beautiful Interiors with Prints & Patterns,” our delicious how-to book from Abrams that will help take your home from nice to knockout. We get it, and we show you how to get it, too! A must-have design primer packed with beautiful images and smart, informative text.


Madcap Cottage for Chairish Vintage Furnishings

A glorious selection of vintage and antique finds sourced from all over the world that reflects our gimlet-eyed point of view. Every room needs some vintage and antique treasures, so bring some brilliance home. Then send us photos of how you used the Madcap Cottage furnishings and accessories!


Madcap Cottage for York Wallcoverings

Wallpaper is back—and in a big way. Not that it ever left at Madcap Cottage. We are thrilled to partner with America’s oldest wallcoverings company to create this prints- and pattern-centric collection. Easy up and easy down. Made in America.

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Madcap Cottage Fabrics

Welcome to the world of Madcap Cottage fabric, far-flung textile collections that will carry you around the world and back without breaking the bank. Accessible yet always aspirational. Printed in America.


Madcap Cottage for Smith + Noble Window Treatments

Take those tired windows and give them a new lease on life with the Madcap Cottage for Smith + Noble collection, an array of prints- and pattern-centric window fashions that is anything but beige. After all, if you want to be neutral, move to Switzerland.


Madcap Cottage at Calico Corners

We are thrilled to have the Madcap Cottage fabric collection in Calico Corners outposts from coast. Turn to these professionals for custom window treatments, furnishings, bedding, and so much more. Best of all, Calico is available to all—and not just the trade.

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Madcap Cottage for Chapter 3 Furnishings at

Stein Mart

A capsule collection of made-in-America furnishings wrapped in signature Madcap Cottage fabrics that are available at Stein Mart locations from coast to coast. Get these glorious goods before they are gone. From dog beds to slipper chairs...