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Prints Charming

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Meet Your Prints Charming

Welcome to “Prints Charming: Create Absolutely Beautiful Interiors with Prints & Patterns,” the Bible for taking that nice home and making it a knockout. Known for our passion for prints and pattern, we show you how to mix and match in a fun, accessible, and never-scary way. In “Prints Charming,” Madcap Cottage projects that span from coast to coast demonstrate the power of pattern in chapters that range from “Pattern is Romantic” and “Pattern is Traditional” to “Pattern is Modern” and “Pattern in Masculine.”

We give you permission to bring fun into your home. A beige room never put a smile on anyone’s face. Start small with pattern then layer-on more, more, and more. We might just have you wallpapering your ceiling and embellishing your lampshades by the time you reach the end of the book.
— Madcap Cottage
Prints Charming

Layers of pattern bring serious style to any interior—and the pages of every shelter magazine currently feature this well-loved look. This bright, lively interior design book is like no other: it shows readers how to choose and use pattern (whether on upholstered furniture, walls, and floors, or in curtains, rugs, and accessories) to create gorgeous room designs. It also teaches readers how to layer pattern for fresh, exciting, personalized spaces. The book is delightfully illustrated with inspiring images of design elements and finished rooms—and each chapter is packed with lively DIY projects, plus Dos and Don’ts, Try This, and more.



For a home that’s warm, personal, and above all HAPPY, follow the lead of the Madcap gents: ‘Expressive not expensive’ decor ideas come to life through their joyful designs—it’s hard to put this book down without crafting a plan and cracking a smile.
— Sophie Donelson, Editor in Chief, House Beautiful
A good reminder that one should have fun with decorating . . . Prints Charming is a must for every design library.
— Susan Feldman, Cofounder, One Kings Lane
With a reverent eye firmly upon the works of legendary traditional designers, the Madcap Cottage gents’ vision for mixing pattern, color, far-flung treasures, and classic furniture forms is remarkably approachable and written with their inimitable wit.
— Jill Waage, Editor in Chief, Traditional Home
John and Jason have crafted a must-have bible of prints, patterns, and personality to help everyone learn how to customize their own unique environment.
— Mindy Grossman, CEO and Director, HSN, Inc.
A wonderful book celebrating print, texture, and beauty.
— Christian Siriano, CFDA Designer